Who’s on the struggle bus today?

I’m driving the struggle bus today. Anyone need a ride?

I picked up the lady down the street. She has a toddler who is absolutely not eating breakfast this morning or wearing pants and she’s got an important work meeting at 9.

The dude on 4th street really wants to help his 5th grader with homework but this new math makes no sense! If a train leaves Portland at 3PM multiplied by a weird counting method = another beer.

My sister has a very inquisitive kindergartner who wants to know how the world was created, who made the parts that created the world, and if she knows what the “f word” means. (Spoiler alert. In his classroom it means fart.) I expect a pick-up call from her in the next half hour.

The struggle bus is free to ride. It features like-minded parents trying to get through the day without completely losing it. The seating is plush with excellent back support and there’s a wide variety of speed metal and depressing country songs to suit your current mood.

I just spotted new parents waiting on the next corner. They want to crawl in the back seat and sleep for a while. Whew! Those night feedings…

And I see parents of a teenager who stayed out past curfew last night and came in smelling like a bar. They better get on here and take a time out. Worry, anger, fear, and disappointment tangled together makes for a difficult knot to unravel.

Yep, there’s room for everyone – the tired, the weary, the angry, sleepy, dopey, grumpy, and bashful (why not!). There’s no need to struggle alone. The people on this bus have been there and are riding again today!

I see you trying your best to keep it all together. I can spot passengers from two blocks away because I know the look of “how is this my life?” and “I used to be fun!” I’ve made both faces on many occasions.

So, flag me down today if you need a lift.

Feel free to spill your guts to another passenger or just curl up in a cozy window seat and chill. No judgement on this bus! We struggle together!

Oh, there’s my sister, gotta go.

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