Leadership Training for a Modern, Inclusive Workplace

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Rooted in lived experience and professional training, sisters Andrea and Ashley bring a fresh and personalized approach to culture building and leadership development.

The two women discovered a huge gap in resources related to employees struggling with their mental health. So, they crafted a metaphor about elephants to help the 64.6 million US adults who manage a mental health disorder each year and the business leaders who employ them.

The pair have given keynote addresses, presented workshops at national conventions, taught skills to managers in diverse industries, and conducted training sessions for Fortune 500 Companies.

Services Offered

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Personalized and strategic 1:1 sessions for executives and senior leaders ready to advance their knowledge and interpersonal skills and move the company forward.


Workshops, webinars, and on-site training that tackles difficult topics and empowers leaders to confidently address mental and emotional health, DEI, burnout, unconscious bias, resiliency, toxic positivity and more.

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Motivate and inspire your team or event attendees with keynote speeches, podcast appearances, and interviews that tackle sticky situations with expertise, compassion, and humor.

Curious about our services? Book a free 30-minute meeting to discuss options for your team or event.

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