With 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiencing mental illness in a given year, someone in your workplace is struggling. Knowing how to recognize and support these employees is the key to meeting performance, business, and financial expectations.

Through a variety of keynote speeches, presentations, and media appearances, Ashley and Andrea share their collective knowledge and experience with mental health in the workplace to equip employers, employees, leaders, and the C-suite with the tools needed to help notice, identify, and interact with the elephants in their office. Want them to speak to your audience? Send a message!

Most Popular Talks/Keynote Speeches

The Elephant in Your Office has a Mental Illness

How does poor mental health show up at work? In our signature talk, we use a herd of elephants as a metaphor for employees experiencing an episode of poor mental health.

You Can Be a Mess and a Success

Using frustrating and humbling examples from her own life, Ashley explains how to combat negative self-talk, figure out if you’re your own biggest stumbling block, and the importance of maintaining wellness – even when you don’t feel like it. This talk comes from Ashley’s book, The Higher Level Method, and includes her Three-Step Path to Success.

Perspectacles – The Key to Unlocking an Inclusive Work Culture

Today’s workforce represents a diverse mixture of cultures, identities, attitudes, and life experiences. To better understand individuals with identities different from your own, put on some perspectacles. Look and listen closely to their stories to uncover what these employees actually need from the organization.

The Power of Empathy in Leadership

Andrea explains why empathy is a leadership asset, the importance of building trust, the power of delegation, and how setting boundaries can empower leaders in a new way.

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