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In 2017, Ashley experienced a period of debilitating poor mental health. It affected her performance at work and prompted an uncomfortable but important conversation with her sister (and HR professional), Andrea. The two women discovered a huge gap in resources related to employees struggling with their mental health. So, they crafted a metaphor about elephants to help the 64.6 million US adults who manage a mental health disorder each year and the business leaders who employ them. The resulting book, There’s an Elephant in Your Office, provides practical tips to identify and support mental and emotional health in the workplace.

Andrea Sides Herron (She/Her)

Human Resources executive leader, coach, author, and award-winning podcast host, Andrea Sides Herron is a passionate advocate for addressing mental health and bolstering diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. She also strives to promote and encourage a healthy sense of humor because work doesn’t have to be boring.

Andrea Herron is the Head of People at WebMD, an HR executive leader, published author of “There’s an Elephant in Your Office,” and host of the award-winning podcast The HR Scoop. She was recently selected as one of Ragan’s Top Women in Wellness and HR Awards, an Agent of Change in American Healthcare Leader magazine, and a Top Leader in DEIB by Mogul.

Ashley Sides Johnson (She/Her)

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An experienced marketing and PR specialist with 17 years dedicated to healthcare, Ashley struggled to manage her mental health disorder in an unsupportive workplace. To help others find success, she created the professional imprint, There’s an Elephant in Your Office. Through a TEDx talk, three published books, an appearance on The Today Show, international speaking engagements, keynote addresses, and positions on national speaker panels for SHSMD and The Stability Network, Ashley teaches others how to notice, identify, and support those with mental health conditions in the workplace.   

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